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Boudoir Photography – WTF is it??!!

You’ve seen the steamy photos.  You’ve wondered to yourself what is happening.  You may have even heard others refer to these photo sessions as something naughty.  So what is boudoir photography?!

Boudoir photography is a type of photo session typically in a private setting, such as a bedroom or hotel room. In my client’s case, all of my sessions occur in my private studio in Canton, Ohio.

The purpose of a boudoir session is to capture sensual or intimate images of women.  Women usually wear lingerie, but the rule of thumb is that the outfit should make the woman feel confident!  Maybe that’s her favorite pair of jeans.  Or a black crop top and shorts.

Photos from your boudoir session will be tasteful and artistic rather than overtly sexual or pornographic. Rarely do clients pose fully nude, and only sometimes do they pose topless at my studio.  It is 100% your choice in how much skin you reveal for your boudoir session.

Often, my clients book a session with the intention of gifting these photos to their significant other.  Later, these women realize that boudoir photography is a gift to themselves more than it is to someone else.  It’s truly a bonus if you have someone you want to share these photos with. The real gift here is when my clients celebrate their bodies and feel empowered.

You will experience a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere with endless encouragement during a boudoir session with me. (Just read the reviews – everyone loves the hype that comes with their session!). I will guide you through various poses and lighting setups to capture flattering and expressive photographs.

Overall, boudoir photography allows women to explore and celebrate their sensuality and beauty.  So ladies – hang those photos loud and proud.  Allow them to be constant reminders of the badass you are.  You are worthy.  You are beautiful.  Why wouldn’t you want daily reminders of that – multiple times a day?!

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