with a jaw dropping gift for him and
an exhilarating experience for you.


It’s time to be
unashamedly YOU 

You will always have an excuse to say you are not good enough or now is not the right time... but those excuses are full of lies.

What if you could begin to see yourself the way your significant other sees you? No longer viewing yourself through the lens of what society says is desirable. 

Think about this…

you are Gorgeous
and Worthy!

Boudoir is more than sexy photos.
It’s slowing down time and experiencing a day of self-love and care that you haven’t enjoyed since your early 20s.

Time to feel...

didn’t judge yourself...

slowed down...

didn’t have to make all of the decisions...

Girlfriend, when was the last time you… 

felt sexy...

weren’t overwhelmed and exhausted...

If you can’t remember,
it’s been way too long and


for you to do something about that.

Let's do the damn thing!

now's the time


Self-love is not selfish; you cannot truly love another until you know how to love              


In her words...


- Brittany

From the moment I inquired with her, she was ON IT. She loaded me up with TONS of helpful tips, helped me select the most flattering pieces for my session

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Book the self-care appointments.  Follow the outfit tips.  Shop for those sexy outfits.  From the very beginning, you are guided, never left feeling like you're in this alone.

Prepare for your Session

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Here's where the magic happens.  Start your morning off with professional hair and makeup and lots of girl talk.  Then we talk the walk of courage before jumping onto the ride of empowerment, confidence, and hella fun!

Relax.  Enjoy. Have Fun.

Be brave!  Book now!

"OH MY GOD!!!  THAT'S ME?!"  Yup - you bet your beautiful ass that's you!  2-3 weeks after your session, you'll marvel at your beauty and order your album and wall art!

Relive it all over again!

That's me!

i can help because i've been there

Lacking Confidence. 
Overwhelmed with life.

Self-care and alone time were non-existent.  I told myself horrible lies.  I never felt sexy.
Until I had a boudoir session.
Let me guide you.  Introduce you to self-love appointments that you may not even consider.
Then let me help remind you what a bad, beautiful, woman you are!



You deserve this self-love experience. 
For the first time in (probably) years, your happiness is your first priority. 

Ready Set Book.

In her words...


- Lauren

She makes you feel amazing, empowered, confident before, during and after the shoot.


Six easy steps to take your selfies from blahh to a spicy hot level!

for you...



How to: Spicy Selfies

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