Here's to ME!

When was the last time you didn't worry about someone else's judgements?  When was the last time you did something for you?

Tell Society to kiss your ass...

Empowering you to

It's not just about sexy photos

As women, we tend to neglect taking care of our whole self.

Putting our needs last to make sure our loved ones' are supported day in and day out is wired into us.

Through my photography, I create a space for you to be empowered, feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and renewed; so you can continue to care for those you love from a place that is full.

Reasons to Book a Boudoir Session

Just because!

Getting married, or celebrating an anniversary

Recently single

You reached a goal and you want to celebrate!

Whatever the reason is, booking your boudoir session sometimes takes a leap of faith (and a helluva lot of courage)!  I'm excited to walk beside you on this journey together.

you're in the right place.

I'm Ready!  Let's do this!

How it Feels


Free from daily responsibilities. Free from society’s judgements. 


Welcome confidence back like an old friend. Something you haven’t felt in years.


Know and embrace that you are in control: of your body, beauty, and decisions. you are worthy.

i can help because i've been there

Lacking Confidence. 
Overwhelmed with life.

Self-care and alone time were non-existent.  I told myself horrible lies.  I never felt sexy.
Until I had a boudoir session.
Let me guide you.  Introduce you to self-love appointments that you may not even consider.
Then let me help remind you what a bad, beautiful, woman you are!

That's me!!


Burned out

You make thousands of decisions a day

Tapped Out

Tired of being needed

Touched Out

You spend all day with someone touching you

Relaxation.  Quiet.  Peace.


Professional Hair and Makeup booked for you

shopping guide sent
to you

self-care appointments suggested
for you

guided posing done 
with you

A safe space created 
for you

I'm Hooked!



No. 1

In Canton - about 5 minutes from Rt. 30 and 8 minutes from the 77/30 interchange

No. 2

You bet your ass it is!!  Enjoy plenty of girl talk while you're getting pampered by my favorite professional glamour girls!

No. 3

Abso-freaking-lutely! A Boudoir Session is a luxury experience that every woman deserves to have. For that reason, we want your investment to be as stress free and as manageable as possible. In addition to working with PayPal Credit (apply) I also offer post-session payment plans!

Starts at $600

No. 4

These empower sessions are intimate, and photos are treated with the utmost care. It's only a bonus for me when women allow their photos to be shared publicly.  After all - how did you know this experience would be badass?!

No. 5

Helllll yesss!!!  Let's go!! 🔥 You're about to experience the time of your life!  Get the conversation started by filling out my contact form HERE!  I'll be in touch soon!

I have always WANTED to do this, but always tell myself "when I'm in better shape"

Loren was able to pull out the positivity and beauty in myself, that I didn't think was there anymore. We are always our worst critics and during the shoot, Loren would say such uplifting things to me and hype me up that allowed me to really embrace the beauty of my curves and myself. I left feeling like a strong, beautiful woman! 

- Ms. N

Your first step of bravery!

Book Your Consultation

I know you're ready to take this leap.  Maybe you have questions or concerns.  Let's chat through them! 
Always remember, you are worthy of this experience.

schedule a consult

- Ms. L

JUST DO IT!! You will leave feeling on top of the world.  I left wanting to do it again!